The Automated Filter Tester 8150 is for 100% quality assurance testing of P100, FFP3/P3 and similar respiratory filters and cartridges directly in the production line.


TSI’s Automated Filter Testers have been used in quality control and manufacturing for more than 35 years. The model 8130A is used by the leading filter and filter media manufacturers, test laboratories, and
government agencies around the world due to its proven performance, durability and reliability.

The model 8150 is an evolution of the 8130A, that has been optimized for demanding in-line production testing applications, giving you faster measurement and cycle times for high-throughput.

It incorporates two simultaneously measuring photometers - upstream and downstream of the filter - to eliminate measurement uncertainties due to any change in aerosol concentration. The 8150 also utilizes an innovative concept for aerosol delivery that reduces the number of valves and improves uptime. For especially tight spaces, the photometer box can be split from the base unit or two units can be stacked. The 8150 operates through a PLC driven interface and contains a comprehensive set of internal diagnostics to provide you with complete confidence of your filter efficiency measurements.


  • Fast measurement & cycle times for high-throughput
  • Excellent comparability of results to the model 8130A that is used for certification
  • Small footprint for easy integration into existing & new production lines
  • Two simultaneously measuring photometers for best performance
  • Fast recovery time after detecting defective filters to minimize subsequent false failures
  • Supports compliance with standards such as US 42 CFR 84, GB2626, and EN143/EN149
  • Intelligent design for increased uptime


  • In-line production testing of P100, FFP3 and similar respiratory filters and cartridges
  • Confirm particle filter efficiency and pressure drop to the requirements of US 42 CFR 84, and EN143/EN149 referring to EN 13274-7