Aerotrac II is an aerosol spray particle size analyzer ideal for determining the particle size distribution of spray droplets from aerosols.

The AEROTRAC II is an analyzer for particle size distributions & concentration ratio analysis (calculated from transmitted laser light) for suspended particulates in air such as atomized droplets, powders, spray particles, mist and etc.

Powered by the principle of laser diffraction the Aerotrac II is complete system for spray characterization and can measure particles ranging in size from 0.5 to 2000 microns.  The Aerotrac II has the ability to be upgraded with a variety of accessories to meet your application needs. 


  • With the ability to measure a wide angle of spray plumes, users can gain a thorough understanding of their particles
  • Peace of mind knowing the instrument will be ready when you are
  • Ability to tailor the system measurement data reports to your unique organizational/industry requirements
  • Robust industrial design minimizes downtime and maintenance
  • Tablet PC compatibility enables a user to freely move around the lab without the restrictions of a desktop computer.



  • Measures particles ranging in size from 0.5 to 2000 microns
  • Wide-angle measurement option
  • Automatic measurement trigger once spray is emitted
  • Programmable measurement modes
  • Pulsing spray measurement with high speed sampling option
  • Tablet PC compatible