BELSORP MAX X covers a broad array of analysis capabilities from specific surface area, pore size distribution, gas, and vapor adsorption to chemisorption.


Microtrac MRB's BELSORP MAX X is the latest model in the BELSORP MAX series, featuring a more compact design and lower weight. BELSORP MAX X allows simultaneous gas and vapor adsorption analyzes of up to 4 samples in a wide pressure and temperature range.

Combining high-precision pressure transducers with hard-sealing pneumatic valves and metal gaskets, the analyzer has superior technology to minimize gas leakage and enable ultimate vacuum levels. Temperature in the BELSORP MAX X is carefully controlled using state-of-the-art technology, from the heated manifold block and air bath to the sample, while electropolished gas / vapor lines prevent surface wetting and corrosion.

BELCONTROL operation software facilitates understanding of the structure and durability of materials through cyclical stability analysis, improves measurement and maintenance efficiency, and sends measurement results via e-mail – all resulting in maxXimized sample throughput. BELMASTER is the dedicated analysis software for advanced material evaluations. This instrument complies with ISO 9277, 15901-2 and 18852 and can be used for various material morphologies, such as molded bodies, pellets, and fine powders.


  • Highest throughput and efficiency thanks to simultaneous measurements of up to 4 samples
  • Micropore analyzes of three samples can be performed simultaneously, from P/P0=~10-9 relative pressure by using appropriate pressure gauges.
  • Measurement times can be shortened by 50-70% with the gas loadings optimized by the analysis of the previous measurements (GDO - Gas Loading Optimization) and the control valve whose speed and performance are optimized by controlling the gas inlet pressure.
  • The Advanced Free Volume Measurement (AFSMTM) technique, based on the principle of continuously measuring changes in dead volume using a reference cell, ensures the highest precision in measurements.
  • AFSTTM2 technique allows high accuracy measurements without using Helium gas
  • The device can be configured according to the application and equipped with the required number of sample measurement ports, pressure gauges, gas selection unit, heater unit, etc.
  • Different accessory options are available depending on the sample to be measured and the application.


Measurement principle Volumetric method + AFSM™
Adsorption gas N2, Ar, Kr, CO2, H2, O2, CH4, NH3, and other non-corrosive gases
Adsorption vapor H2O, MeOH, EtOH, C6H6, and other non-corrosive vapor
Gas ports 3 ports (optional: up to12 ports)
Number of measurements Max. 4 ports simultaneously (3 ports in High Accuracy mode)
Measurement range (specific surface) 0.01 m2/g and above (N2)
0.0005 m2/g and above (Kr)
(depending on sample density)
Measurement range (pore size distribution)  0.35 - 500 nm. (from 0.25 nm when CO2 is used)
Measurement range (vapor adsorption) P/P0 = ~0.95 @40°C
Pressure transducer (133 kPa: 1000 Torr) max. 6 units
Pressure transducer (1.33 kPa: 10 Torr) max. 4 units
Pressure transducer (0.0133 kPa: 0.1 Torr) max. 3 units
Thermostatic air oven 50°C
Vacuum gage / pump Turbo molecular pump + rotary pump
Measurement temperature (dewar vessel) LN2, LAr temperature, Holding time: 80 h
Measurement temperature (pretreatment heater) 50 - 550°C
Measurement temperature (water bath) -10 - 70°C (constant temperature circulator)
Analysis software BELMASTER
  • Adsorption / desorption isotherm
  • PCT curve
  • BET specific surface area and Type I (ISO9277) BET automated analysis
  • Langmuir specific surface area
  • BJH, DH, CI, and INNES methods (mesopore distribution)
  • HK, SF and CY methods (micropore distribution)
  • t-plot method (micro to mesopore analysis)
  • αs plot method (micro- to mesopore analysis)
  • MP method (micropore distribution)
  • Dubinin-Astakhov method (micropore volume)
  • Equivariant differential heat of adsorption
  • Differential adsorption isotherm
  • Fractal dimension
  • Molecular probe method (ultra-micropore analysis)
  • Adsorption rate analysis
  • NLDFT / GCMC (micro to meso / macropore distribution)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 360 x 870 x 590 mm
Weight (main body) 50 kg
Utility - Gas

He, adsorption gas: 0.1MPa
Joint: 1/8" Swagelok joint, Valve drive gas: 0.5 - 0.6 MPa
1/4" one-touch pipe contact

Utility - Power AC 100 - 240 V (rotary pump not included)
Operating software Windows 10 operating system or higher, CPU Intel(R) Core i5 or higher
2 GB of memory or more, 5 GB HDD space or more
CE certified yes