The BELSORP MINI X can measure specific surface area/pore size distribution by volumetric gas adsorption technique.



The BELSORP MINI X can measure specific surface area/pore size distribution by volumetric gas adsorption technique. Microtrac MRB's unique dead volume evaluation method (AFSM) makes highly accurate and reproducible measurement free of environmental change. The analyzer measures up to 4 specimens simultaneously with the highest level of precision and reproducibility in the world and a drastic reduction in measurement time.


Product Features

  • High precision measurement Maximum throughput up to 4 sample
  • Significant reduction in measurement time was achieved (up to 150% compared to the previous model)
  • Equipped with gas dosing optimization function GDO
  • Automatic measurement of adsorption isotherm with minimum condition setting
  • Highly reproducible by AFSM and AFSM2
  • Adsorption isotherm measurements of various gases over a wide temperature range
  • Measurement software that can grasp the progress rate
  • Enhanced operability and maintainability
  • The world's smallest and lightest
  • Measurement range: Specific surface area; 0.01㎡/g or more (N2), Pore size distribution; 0.7-500nm (0.35~(option))


Measurement principle

Volumetric method + AFSMTM

Adsorption gas

N2, Ar, CO2, H2, CH4, butane, and other non-corrosive gases

Gas ports

2 ports (5 ports max.)

Number of measurements

(High Accuracy mode)

Max. 4 ports simultaneously (3 ports in High Accuracy mode)

Measurement range (specific surface)

0.01 m2/g and above (N2) (depending on sample density)

Pore size distribution (Diameter)

0.7 - 500 nm

Low pressure isotherm

p/p0 = 10^-4
(N2 @77K, Ar @87K)

Pressure transducer

133 kPa (1000 Torr) x 6 units

Vacuum gage / pump

Rotary pump

Sample tube

Standard tube, approx. 1.8 cm3 (optional: 5 cm3)

Dewar vessel

Volume: 2 l Holding time: 30 h

Pretreatment heater

50 - 430°C (4 ports)

Water bath

 -10 - 70°C (4 ports)

Analysis software BELMasterTM 7

Adsorption isotherm, BET specific surface area type I (ISO9277)BET auto analysis, Langmuir specific surface area, BJH, DH, CI, INNES method

Analysis software BELMasterTM 7 cont.

t-plot, NLDFT / GCMC (OP BELSimTM), MP method, Dubinin- Astakhov method, Molecular probe, as-plot

Dimensions (W x H x D)

 280 x 650 x 465 mm (excluding vacuum pump & PC)

Weight (main body)

38 kg (excluding vacuum pump & PC)

Utility - Gas

He, N2 (99.999% or higher purity), 0.1 ± 0.02 MPa, joint: 1/8" Swagelok
Exhaust: Rotary pump exhaust port, ø 11 mm

Utility - Power

Single phase, AC 100~240 V (50 / 60 Hz) / 10A (incl. R.P.), 50 / 60 Hz 

CE certified