Blue lasers improve measurement sensitivity and accuracy, making Bluewave the most versatile particle size analyzer on the market.


The Bluewave provides accurate, reliable, and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications by utilizing the proven theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles and the proprietary principle of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles.  The Bluewave is optimized for materials below 1 micron delivering unsurpassed resolution.  The Bluewave measures particle size from 0.01 to 2800 microns.


  • Utilizing blue lasers the resolution of the low-end measurements increases to dramatically improve the accuracy of measurements below one micron
  • Proprietary Modified Mie calculations allow users to accurately measure complex particles that other particle analyzer struggle to inaccurately characterize
  • Seamless transition from wet to dry measurement reduces down time
  • Fixed detectors provide rugged durability and assure proper positioning
  • Small bench footprint reduces demand on valuable laboratory space


  • Tri–laser, blue/red, multi-detector, multi-angle optical system
  • True Blue Lasers [Not LED’s]
  • Algorithms that utilize Mie compensation and Modified Mie calculations for spherical and non – spherical materials
  • Measurement capability from 0.01 to 2800 microns
  • Wet and dry Measurements
  • Fixed detectors and lasers
  • Enclosed optical path ensures complete protection of the optical components leading to little or no operator intervention
  • Small bench footprint
  • 21 CFR Part11 Compliance