Crystal16 accelerates your crystallization research and process development studies with its advanced analytical capacity.


The Crystal16 is the user-friendly multi-reactor benchtop system with simple, user friendly and flexible software to perform medium through-put crystallization studies at 1 mL scale. One Crystal16 can hold up to 16 standard HPLC vials. The integrated transmissivity technology allows simple generation of phase diagrams ideal for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical and agro-chemical companies.


• 4 solubility curves in 4 hours
• Enabling the polythermal solubility method
• Obtain both solubility curve and MSZW information simultaneously
• Design crystallization process quickly
• Measure theoretical approximations - determine experimentally the nucleation rate of any crystallization system
• The ‘Crystal16 method’ for determining nucleation rates from induction times


Advanced temperature features

• Integrated air cooling with extended temperature range. -20 – 150°C with all 4 block reactors in parallel
• Chiller cooling also available -25 – 150°C with all 4 block reactors in parallel
• Advanced temperature accuracy 0.5°C

State-of-the-art software

• New software with iimproved integrated research and analysis capabilities
• Flexible, intuitive, user-friendly software

Ground-breaking transmissivity technology

• Increased accuracy with improved particle detection at low and high concentrations

Feedback control

• Design your experiments with automated decision making
• Less time to automate your process; simplify nucleation time measurements

Overhead and bottom stirring

• Top stirring specifically developed to overcome attrition issues
• Bottom stirring for your most simple experiments


Reactors 16
Reactor type Commercially available, glass
Optimal work volume (ml) 0,5 to 1.0
Temperature zones 4
Temperature Range (°C) (-20) - 150
Temperature accuracy (°C) 0.5
Heating/cooling rate (°C/dk) 0 - 20
Stirring Overhead or stirrer bar
Stirring speed(rpm)  0 - 1250
Turbidity(%) Every reactor
Chiller optional Required to achieve -25 to 150 in all 4 block reactors in parallel
Data export CSV, Word report, xml
Footprint(cm DxWxH) 50x28x18.5