CrystalBreeder is a next generation crystallization monitoring system that can be used in the early stages of solid dosage form research.


The CrystalBreeder is the next generation multi-reactor crystallization platform for medium-throughput solid-state research, operating at a working volume of 0.1 mL. Carry out rapid complete crystallization screens with as little as 1 mg of sample. The CrystalBreeder gives you real time turbidity information for 32 parallel temperature controlled experiments. When early solubility information is essential, stop guessing and allow the CrystalBreeder to put you in the lead.

The CrystalBreeder takes the guesswork out of solid-state screening. The crystallization space can be systematically explored with the ability to control temperature profiles, stirring speed and crystallization mode. Whether you are searching for new polymorphs, or doing salt or co-crystal screens, the turbidity signal gives you a clear indication of a hit. The compatible software makes it effortless to scale up to a milliliter scale for solubility studies or MSZW determination by using the Crystal16® or Crystalline.


Multiple crystallization modes

Cooling, evaporation, slurry, thermocycling, vapor diffusion.

Advanced features

Integrated air-cooling. Eliminate the need for messy chillers or a house water supply. Extended temperature range from -15°C to 150°C.

Minimal sample required

Less than 32 mg of sample for a complete screen.

Up to 32 parallel reactors

Carry out a complete salt, co-crystal or polymorph screen overnight.


Operating Parameters

Reactors  32
Reactor type  Commercially available, glass
Optimum working volume (ml)  0,05 ila 0,25
Temperature zones  8
Temperature range (°C)  (-15) - 150
Temperature accuracy (°C) 0.1
Heating/cooling (°C/min) 0 - 20
Mixing  Overhead
Mixing speed (rpm)   0 - 1250
Turbidity (%) Every reactor
Cooler required No
Data export CrystalClear, Word report, xml
Footprint (DxWxH in cm)  49x56x20
Temperature profile  unlimited heating/cooling/hold steps per run programmable