Dust Characterization Instrument ideal for powders and granulates.


The DustMon is available in two versions: The DustMon L characterizes high level dust in powder and granulates and the DustMon LS characterizes both high- and low concentration dust applications.The DustMon measure also the particle size distribution in the dust concentration.

Microtrac DustMon Applications:


Microtrac DustMon Features:

  • Measures how much dust is created from powder products
  • Determines how long it takes dust to settle
  • Calculates particle size distribution
  • Uncomplicated user interface
  • High repeatability
  • Sealed sample beaker
  • Long life light source
  • Onboard display
  • USB Connection Ports and Windows Compatible Software
  • 0°C to +40°C Operating Range (non-condensing)


Microtrac DustMon Benefits:

  • Understanding how much dust a powder product creates will help manufacturers identify packaging techniques that reduce the impact of dust
  • Some dust is harmless, while others can be dangerous especially if inhaled.  By determining how long it takes dust to settle, manufactures can establish and monitor safety parameters
  • Dust is a very “fluid” concept.  Ask 20 people what the definition of dust is; you will have 20 different definitions.  By measuring the particle size distribution, as well as dust concentration, researchers have the ability to gain an even deeper understanding of their material with one instrument
  • Design of the DustMon guarantees a long lifetime of the instrument
  • By having an uncomplicated user interface, you will spend less time training employees on how to use the instrument, and more time conducting analysis, which increases productivity.
  • High repeatability of measurements ensures consistency of data.
  • The same instrument can measure high and low content of dust in powder granulates.