The shape of the plume is highly influential in the bioavailability of the Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products (OINDPs). Oxford Lasers' EnVision Systems provide information on spray pattern and plume geometry of nasal sprays, oral sprays and pMDIs and DPIs in accordance with for FDA guide lines.


Envision spray pattern and plume geometry systems are designed to provide an automatic, objective measurement of the shape, size and duration of the spray from your device. Envision Pharma R&D is a complete, integrated R&D system solution for pulmonary drug device development. System offers spray velocity and flow visualisation in addition to spray pattern and spray plume geometry measurements. The fully adjustable mountings allow you to develop the ideal measurement configuration for your device, ready to move into production QC.

Key benefits:

  • Velocity, Cone Angle, Spray Pattern
  • High speed movies of actuation
  • High Resolution, high quality Images
  • Flexible Set Up
  • Easy to Use
  • Full Data Output


At the heart of the Envision System is Envision Patternate our powerful spray analysis software. The node based analysis allows you to quickly build up your measurement process, including fine-tuning the parameters that you would like to report. Because the software is fully integrated with our Envision QC system, it’s simple to transfer the process to the production line. Repeatable analysis is then two clicks away. The QC software is fully 21CFR11 compliant and features protected results storage and a full audit trail of usage.

Spray velocity

Also included is VidPIV, our fluid flow velocity measurement software, which allows measurement of the spray velocity and development.
More than a measurement system. Because the Envision Pharma system is based on high speed imaging, it’s easy to collect slow motion movies of your device actuation. The image below shows a series of images from a dry powder inhaler (DPI) as the powder is evacuated from the bowl.