A true analytical tabletop scanning electron microscope


The NANOS offers SEM imaging at a low cost of ownership for high- resolution imaging and integrated energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for rapid elemental analysis. It is designed for easy installation, ease of use and easy servicing.

  • High-Performance SE & 4 Quad BSE Detectors
  • EDX ‒ Spot Analysis & Element Mapping
  • Low Vacuum Capability
  • Motorised XY Stage & Eucentric Tilt
  • Filament Performance Optimisation
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Low Service Costs

Making SEM accessible for anyone, everywhere...


: the NANOS is delivered with BSD, SED, integrated EDS and a Eucentric tilt stage.

DESIGN: the NANOS has a robust modern design & is engineered using the latest materials and components.

SERVICING: the NANOS design allows easy access for maintenance and upgrades which can be completed at your premises.

ROBUST: with excellent stability and a small footprint the architecture of the NANOS ensures it can be used in non-laboratory environments.

EASE OF USE: in BASIC mode the NANOS will produce results in a short period of time, regardless of experience. ADVANCED mode provides further functionality for detailed analysis.

COST OF OWNERSHIP: the NANOS has been engineered to keep the cost of ownership lower than any benchtop SEM currently available


The NANOS is a comprehensive and affordable tabletop scanning electron microscope (SEM). It is engineered using the latest technology, giving fast and high quality SEM images and elemental analysis. Its design is robust and modern, which makes it perfect for research & development, educational and industrial usage.

The NANOS comes with both a Secondary Electron Detector (SED) and a Back Scattered Electron Detector (BSD) as standard. The BSD is a 4-quadrant detector with fully controllable independent segments. By utilizing the segments in different combinations, it provides compositional or topographical detail from the sample, as well as images with a ‘shading-effect’ by highlighting the surface from multiple directions. An Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) is installed for Elemental Analysis.

The NANOS is equipped with a fully integrated Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). The operator can select EDX Point Analysis or activate Elemental Mapping.

The Eucentric Stage of the NANOS is truly the only one of its kind. It comes standard with the NANOS. The motorized XY movements can be controlled via the User Interface. Tilting the specimen while in SEM mode can be done by manually turning the stage. Thanks to the eucentric design, the sample stays in focus without the need for intermediate changes in SEM settings. The User Interface indicates the exact tilt angle. Samples can be tilted up to angles of 55 ̊.

At sample entry an optical image of the sample is made to serve as navigation image. It provides an image of the complete sample. Via the User Interface the user can easily navigate over the sample. It gives the user full control and even in high magnification they always know where they are looking at.

Specimens are observed in high vacuum SEM (conventional SEM) or in low vacuum (low-vacuum SEM). The low-vacuum is used to reduce or eliminate the effects of sample charging. When a non-conductive sample is observed under a high- vacuum state, electrons accumulate on the sample surface causing a charging phenomenon. The NANOS is equipped with low-vacuum mode to overcome this.

SEM’s are about imaging and the NANOS puts the image at the centre of the screen. The NANOS is simple to set up and with an intuitive GUI and requires minimal training to begin imaging samples. The software offers both Basic mode for those requiring a quick & simple start to SEM imaging and Advanced mode for in-depth sample analysis. The user is in full control of the NANOS via wireless scroll mouse & keyboard and can be set up to operate remotely controlled via an iPad or similar device. The Navigation Camera, (NavCam) is always enabled ensuring the user knows exactly where they are on their sample.

Adjustable accelerating voltage between 1kV to 20kV ensures high speed EDS analysis and mapping for identifying elements in your samples.

The NANOS has been developed with service at the core of its design. Removable panels, modular components, a single control board and few moving parts keep service requirements to a minimum. Much can be undertaken by the user. Unique for the NANOS is that there are no moving parts within the vacuum chamber. Due to this smart design the risk for contamination has been eliminated.

The robust thermionic electron source in the NANOS is a tungsten filament controlled by electro-magnetic coil lenses & electrostatic deflectors. Using the optional ‘eco’-setting, the filament lifetime can be extended up to hundreds of hours and still generate high resolution images. Any user can replace the electron source with a simple alignment tool, ensuring a minimum downtime. No need to wait for a service engineer to replace an expensive source.


 IMAGING MODE  Optical  Magnification range: 2 – 12x
   SEM  Magnification range: 50 – 200,000x
   Resolution  <10 nm​​​​
 ILLUMINATION  Optical  Bright field
   SEM  Optimized thermionic source (tungsten)
   Acceleration voltages  Default:1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15 & 20kV

 Secondary electron detector (SED)

 Backscattered electron detector (BSD) – 4 quadrant

 Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy detector (EDS) – integrated

 DIGITAL IMAGE DETECTION  Optical  Colour navigation camera

 Communication, imaging and analysis use a single monitor with control via a wireless mouse & keyboard

 Remote control (eg iPad) enabled

 Basic & advanced 

 DATA STORAGE    Network, USB, workstation

 Eucentric tilt stage (-15 up to +40 ̊)

 Computer-controlled motorized X, Y: 25 x 25 mm


 25 mm diameter pin stub

 60 mm diam round disk

 SPECIFICATIONS  Detector type  Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), thermo-electrically cooled
   Detector active area  30 mm2
   Energy resolution  @ Mn Kα < 133 eV
   Max. input count rate  300,000 cps
   Hardware integration  Fully embedded

 Integrated in NANOS user interface

 EDS analysis and mapping

 Export functions

 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS  Imaging module  280 (w) x 630 (d) x 550 (h)
   Weight  60 kg
   Pumps  Turbo molecular pump with oil free membrane pre-vacuum pump
   Vacuum modes  High vacuum SEM (conventional SEM), and low vacuum (0.4 mbar) (low vac SEM)
 Controlled vacuum levels via the User Interface
   Workstation  Preconfigured All-in-One PC with a 27” monitor.
SEM imaging and EDS Analysis software installed.