MSP is the world leader in cascade impactor technology with products serving the pharmaceutical and aerosol research markets, as well nano-particle generation and measurement technology serving the semiconductor device fabrication market


Cascade impactors are aerosol instruments designed to allow researchers to collect size-fractionated aerosol samples onto removable substrates. This permits gravimetric and chemical analysis to be conducted on differing particle size fractions. MSP is a market leader in impactors for environmental, material science, and other sampling applications.

When selecting an impactor, most researchers find that the most important considerations are: particle sizes, number of stages (size fractions), and mass detection limits (which affect impactor sample flow rate). Following these considerations, attention turns to the type of substrate, impactor pressure drop, type of pump, and rotation of impaction stages. These latter issues should also be considered, and may be of significant importance to some researchers.

Each of these parameters is discussed in the document TSI/MSP Impactor Selection Guide that you can find below in Downloads section, in the order of most frequent importance for researchers. As an alternative way to find the impactor that suits your needs, there is an impactor selection flow chart in this document, together with information on available accessories. 

Moudi II Impactor: exterior (left) and interior (right).

Moudi II Impactor: exterior (left) and interior (right).