Mageleka’s flagship instrument is the MagnoMeter XRS™, a powerful and versatile next-generation benchtop low-field NMR relaxometer that provides fast, accurate, particle characterization and surface analysis of dispersions.



The MagnoMeter XRS™ provides unmatched functionality and unparalleled analysis and performance, at any stage of the formulation or manufacture process, across any industry.  

  • Separate magnet/probe assembly pod: Easily exchangeable for different nuclei and/or higher field strength magnets
  • Highly customizable pulse sequencing: Phase cycling, composite pulses, two channel RF, and 1D, 2D, and 3D shaped gradients
  • Remote operation: For use in controlled, hazardous, or radioactive environments.
  • Uses regular length NMR tubes: Four diameters available, from 2mm (highest resolution) to 10mm (lowest resolution)
  • Simple and intuitive software: Easy to use and upgrade PC software and a dedicated dual core ARM9 processor running Debian
  • All industry relevant concentrations: Measure materials or products at any stage of the formulation and manufacturing process


The MagnoMeter XRS™ can be used in an almost unlimited range of applications, and can measure samples at virtually any industrially relevant solids concentration. Operation is suitable for every skill level – be it a chemist, technician, or plant worker – using the simple and intuitive MagnoSoft™ software.

The MagnoMeter XRS™ will find use in any lab that requires fast, accurate, characterization of dispersions. Below are just a few examples of the industries and uses to which the MagnoMeter XRS™ is well-suited.

  • Cellulose Nanocrystals
  • Ceramics and Refractories
  • Minerals and Metal Oxides
  • Paints and Inks
  • Dyes
  • Nanomedicine
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Academic Research
  • Cosmetics
  • Food emulsions
  • Agrochemicals
  • Catalysts
  • Paper pulp
  • Metal-Organic Frameworks
  • Biotechnology


The MagnoMeter XRS™ has been designed with a wide variety of uses in mind, such as research, development, quality control, and process monitoring. Optional extensions make flow-through, in-line, and auto-sampler measurements possible.